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At Divinus Designs we want to make sure all new and existing clients have support even after we’ve finished a project together. We also make sure everyone has many ways of contacting us, as you’ll see below.

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We’re Online
Monday - Saturday
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Talk To Live Support

We’re Online
Monday - Saturday
12:00 - 8:00

Send Us A Message

We Will Respond
Within A Day
Via Email

Phone Support

Toll Free Number: 1 (800) 316-4965
Text Number: 1 (800) 316-4965

* We Only Provide Support For Issues We Can Only Deal With, in Connection To Our Work. *

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Use Your Services Vs. a Competitors?
    At Divinus Designs we believe in making a connection with our customers, and to provide very affordable prices. Plus a level of customization and personality to your sites that you can’t find anywhere else.

    Other competitors charges can be outrageous, and charge you at an hourly rate. You’ll also see others throw websites together, with no attention to caring how the end product turns out and not caring if their clients are even satisfied with it.
  • How Much Do You Charge For Your Services?
    We like to charge our customers based on percentages of what it will take to create what you need and what your asking for.

    For Example: If you just need a single landing page to promote something, we may just charge you a few hundred dollars. But if you’ll need a full site, we’d charge you quite a bit more, but not thousands like others might charge you. (And all our website projects include Hosting & Domains within your total charges. If Applicable.)
  • Do You Work In-House or Outsource Your Projects?
    All our projects our created in-house by our lead designer Dylan Merte. We try not to dish out our work to someone else that is not even connected to the customer and know what they want the final result to look like.
  • How Can I Contact Someone During The Design of My Project?
    Whenever you need to talk to someone at Divinus Designs during the creation of your project, you’ll always be speaking straight to a web developer that speaks clear english and is kind and caring about your concerns, either over a phone call, text messaging and or a live chat. You’ll never be speaking to a bot over the phone or a chat support.

    Even better, for every project you’ll be given access to your own Slack Private Channel to stay constantly connected to the progress of your project.
  • Do You Offer Other Services Other Than Website Design?
    Yes & No. We offer mainly a single service of Website creation, however included in all our projects, (if needed or applicable) we include the setup of hosting your site, buying your domains, creating a simple logo for your project etc. see our Services page for all the details of what we provide and how we provide our services.
  • Why Use Your Services When I Can Just Make My Own Website?
    Services like, Squarespace or Wordpress are “okay”, if you know all of what it takes to creating a website. Most people however might not. A Full/Real Website needs or should include things such as, custom metadata and analytics.

    Plus a real web designer is able to, know how to add all of the right touches to a site to add a real deeper level of customization and personality to a site.

    Plus not all, “make it yourself sites” provide options to add things like Forums, Stores or even widgets like having a chat on your site.
  • Do You Include Maintenance/Updates After Project Completion?
    Yes, in fact we pride ourselves on offering each of our customers with a 1 Year extended service of, but not just limited to, making sure your site stays online in times of increased traffic, giving up to 5 small updates to your site to keeping it up to date with modern site designs, and if anything gets broken we’ll fix it.

PLEASE NOTE: We Do Not Conduct Detailed Business Opportunities/Proposals Through Email, Chat or Messages. They Must be done over the phone.
DISCLAIMERS: We also Do Not give support for work not done by, us or give help with any 3rd party services i.e WordPress, Squarespace, Wix ect.

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