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At Divinus Designs we offer custom, personally built websites, tailored to what you want and need. Included with every website project we include our supplementary services that include, Graphic Designs for providing a simple logo, Metadata and Analytics, and simple marketing services related to social media aspects.


Our website design services are personalized and custom built sites tailored to exactly what our customers want and need. Each site is created with care, and attention to every aspect of the site, from every word or line of code we make sure there’s no imperfections or bugs in any of our websites we make.

Every site is made to what our customers are asking for, and not just thrown together like you may find with other website service companies. We try and take as much time as it takes to get every part of your site looking just how you envisioned it before it goes live to the public.

We like to try n’ create a kind and helpful relationship with each of our customers and build a long lasting healthy connection, to help you with all your website needs going into the future.

Supplementary Services: All of the web services & tools mentioned below Are Included with every Website Package you order with us.

We Do Not offer these Supplementary Services as stand alone services separatly from ordering a site design package.

1 Year of Extended Service: All our projects offer.

1. Making sure your site stays online in times of increased traffic.
2. Giving up to 3 “Small” updates to your site to keeping it up to date with modern site designs.
3. If anything gets broken we’ll fix it.


We offer basic graphical design services included just with our website services. If you don’t have a logo for your business or company yet, we can create a simple logo design for your site to help structure it better, and that can be used on other social media platforms.


Our marketing services we provide are related to social media platforms, for example on all of our sites we create, we usually have social icon’s or links displayed on the websites. We offer help in creating the necessary accounts for whatever marketing accounts you’ll need.

Additional marketing services we offer are also related to help our customers with listing their business or company in a basic sense such as, getting your information listed correctly on services such as Yelp or a Facebook page.


Included with every site we provide the option of setting up your domains and hosting if you don’t have it setup already. We typically use Godaddy for our customers but we can use any service that you prefer.


All our sites we make include all of the necessary modern metadata for search result sites such as google or yahoo. So your sites information shows nicely on social media posts and search listings.


We make sure all our websites come with at least google analytics, so you can keep track of all your sites traffic. (You can specify what analytic service you’d like to use for your site.)


Our pricing we offer is fair and flexible to what your project requires. We just ask for 60% of the total cost upfront and the 40% rest of the cost after it’s completed, of the projects 100% costs.

We don’t charge people unfair hourly rates, and the total costs of our sites just depend on how much you’ll need done on your site.


All our websites we make we offer the following customer options including but not limited to the choices of, fonts, all colors, layouts, number of pages, stores, chats ect.

During the development process we’ll be in contact with you (If wanted) showing you the progress of your site before it’s live to the public.


Before every new project we ask our customers to fill out a 5 step form, providing us with all of the necessary information, custom options and content that we’ll need to put into your site.

During the process of making your site we love to keep in contact with our customers showing you how things are progressing and shaping up. (Showing you your site before it’s live is optional.) It’s common that we’ll also need to contact you (maybe frequently) for additional information or media content necessary for the development of your site during it’s creation.

Finally before every site goes live, we verify with you that your site is exactly as you want it to be and that your happy with it.

Accepted Payment Types

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Accepted Payments

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PRICING & RATES: We Do Not charge by per hour rating, instead we charge by a set price based on what you’ll need and our agreed set amount for the job set to be done. You’ll pay, in two amounts of 70% for the up front deposit and when the project is finished the last 30% totaling to your 100% price set.