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Our Designer

Read below to get to know and learn a little bit about the owner and lead designer of Divinus Designs.


I am Dylan Merte, a 35 year old web designer and entrepreneur from New York. Since I was in high school I've had a passion for creating and designing websites. I also have a passion for gaming and music. I’ve also had a love for tech my whole life which I think eventually lead me getting into web design. The first big website that I created was for my gaming clan, that site was launched around 2011 and has seen many updates and improvements throughout the many years, it’s still even gets new improvements and content added to it to this day.

The Story Behind the Business

As I got into my 30s I started to do some website design work for some friends, and loved helping others that needed website stuff done. That eventually had me ask myself, why don’t I try n’ make something more out of this. So around some time in 2018 I thought i’d create a business out of it, after a few years of working on trying to get things going with it, many different life things got in the way, such as my usual health problems, spontaneously needing to move, oh, and then just when I was looking forward to launching it, the covid pandemic hit. So after finally wrapping up and creating this site for it at the end of 2020, I finally thought it’s a good time to get the whole business started and get 2021 off to a good start.

Why I Love Web Design

One of the reasons I love what I do, is because I love getting to help people by creating something for them, that’s going to lead to what I’ve made, to hopefully help them with their hopes and dreams to what they’re trying to accomplish in their lives. I like to believe my wanting to help others comes from the loving upbringing from my mother June and from my love and faith in Jesus Christ.

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