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Exceptional | Affordable | Personalized | Custom Websites

Exceptional | Affordable | Personalized | Custom Websites


We are Divinus Designs, a Website Design Service based out of New York, with our designs focused on Exceptional but Affordable, highly Personalized and Custom Websites, created to exactly what you want. Additionally we offer basic graphic design, and extensive marketing services all included when you order a site from us. Check out our Services page for a full list of details of all our services.



We strive to design our websites to be the most “Divine”, unique, and superior looking to stand out from the rest. We craft our websites by hand not just with code but within every detail and inch of the site is made with care to make sure there are no imperfections or flaws in our designs.

To Elaborate - Every project we take on, we craft it like it’s our own, we put care into everything we make. We don’t just throw a website together to get the job done and get your money as soon as possible like some other companies might do.


Our websites are affordable, not meaning we make small and cheap websites, but instead we’re willing to work with you and what your budget is to make sure we can craft something that is within reason of what you’re willing to pay and what it would take to create what you need.

For Example - We don’t just have a set price to create you a website, we are flexible in what you need done in a realistic price to how much it should cost you. So if you need a website with 10 pages we might charge you a bit more then if you need a website with just a few.


When we say personalized we mean it, from every word, to colors, fonts ect. in every inch of the website we look at every detail with care to make sure it looks exactly what you envisioned it to look like.

In every word typed out, to every line of code written, we make sure every aspect and inch of our sites are looked over with a fine tooth comb to make sure there’s no imperfections or errors.


We make websites where you don’t just tell us the basics of what you want and need on your website, but we give you so many options to choose from for how your site will look, when filling out our custom Project Submission Form.

Examples Are - Colors, fonts, templates or custom layouts, and so much more. We’re focused on every part of your site to make sure your happy with it 100% before it goes live to the public.

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About Us: At Divinus Designs were all about creating a connection with our customers, and we strive to make beautiful looking websites tailored to exactly what our customers are wanting.

Our Name: The meaning of Divinus, comes from the latin word of, divine. Which to us means, we try n’ create such beautiful looking designs that you might say they look divine.


(At Divinus Designs We Believe)

There’s No Such Thing As, Good Enough.

There’s No Such Thing As, Good Enough.

Dylan Merte